Federico Agostini

Science for Life Laboratory, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institutet

Stockholm, Sweden

Tomtebodavägen 23a

171 65 Solna, Sweden

I studied biotechnologies in Italy, obtained my PhD in Barcelona and did my first postdoc in London. During the years, I’ve been working with RNA binding proteins and transcription, but now I’m more focused on understanding how the genome is organised inside the nucleus. To do this, I analyse different sources of data and try to make a sense out of them.

selected publications

    RADICL-seq identifies general and cell type–specific principles of genome-wide RNA-chromatin interactions
    Bonetti, Alessandro, Agostini, Federico, Suzuki, Ana Maria, Hashimoto, Kosuke, Pascarella, Giovanni, Gimenez, Juliette, Roos, Leonie, Nash, Alex J, Ghilotti, Marco, Cameron, Christopher J F, Valentine, Matthew, Medvedeva, Yulia A., Noguchi, Shuhei, Agirre, Eneritz, Kashi, Kaori, Samudyata, , Luginbühl, Joachim, Cazzoli, Riccardo, Agrawal, Saumya, Luscombe, Nicholas M., Blanchette, Mathieu, Kasukawa, Takeya, Hoon, Michiel, Arner, Erik, Lenhard, Boris, Plessy, Charles, Castelo-Branco, Gonçalo, Orlando, Valerio, and Carninci, Piero
    Nature Communications 2020
    Intergenic RNA mainly derives from nascent transcripts of known genes
    Agostini, Federico, Zagalak, Julian A, Attig, Jan, Ule, Jernej, Luscombe, Nicholas M, Federico, Agostini, Julian, Zagalak, Jan, Attig, Jernej, Ule, and M, Luscombe Nicholas
    bioRxiv 2020
    GPSeq reveals the radial organization of chromatin in the cell nucleus
    Girelli, Gabriele, Custodio, Joaquin, Kallas, Tomasz, Agostini, Federico, Wernersson, Erik, Spanjaard, Bastiaan, Mota, Ana, Kolbeinsdottir, Solrun, Gelali, Eleni, Crosetto, Nicola, and Bienko, Magda
    Nature Biotechnology 2020
  4. CELL
    Heteromeric RNP Assembly at LINEs Controls Lineage-Specific RNA Processing
    Attig, Jan, Agostini, Federico, Gooding, Clare, Chakrabarti, Anob M, Singh, Aarti, Haberman, Nejc, Zagalak, Julian A, Emmett, Warren, Smith, Christopher W.J., Luscombe, Nicholas M, and Ule, Jernej
    Cell 2018